Flex Feeder

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The Flex Feeder is the Pet Feedster’s patented customizable auger that allows pet owners to tailor the automatic feeder to their pet’s unique kibble size and shape. Many other timed feeders use “gravity” or other methods to dispense pet food, but due to the shape and texture of kibble, they jam. The Pet Feedster is designed to ensure this doesn’t happen.

There are 2 models of the Flex Feeder. The ff-10 has a 2 inch base, and the ff-201 has a 1 inch base.

If you purchased your Pet Feedster after 2015, it is likely that you have a ff-201 model of the flex feeder (1 inch base).

As we believe in continuing to improve our product, all Flex Feeders have been upgraded to an aluminum base so they will be even more durable. They also come with an “L” shaped key to tighten the part.


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