Why Pet Feedster

The Pet Feedster PLUS adds convenience, reliability, and customization for pet owners.


Setup is Easy

Programming portioned meals and schedules can be completed in 15 minutes or less!

Load It Set It Love It


Thoughtfully Made

The Pet Feedster comes loaded with well-designed features to make your life easier. (We've really tried to think of everything)



Meal Confirmation

Peace of mind that your pet has been fed. The Smart Timer indicates when a meal has been served on the display. We are the only timed feeder that allows you to program up to eight meals per day!


Upgraded Flex Feeder
The Flex Feeder is our patented technology that allows the Pet Feedster to serve a wide range of kibble food shapes and sizes without jamming. We developed the Pet Feedster after buying multiple other pet feeders, and experiencing jamming and hungry pets. More about that on our About page.


Best Value
We know there are many options for you as a pet owner. We at Pet Feedster are constantly improving the Pet Feedster to provide the best value for you and your pet.