The Pet Feedster was invented, developed, and crafted in California. Our company is family-owned and operated.


Our Story

My sister and I love dogs. When we were in elementary school, our parents finally said yes to our first pet. We LOVED our new dog Micky, but being first-time pet owners (and also 7 years old), we would sometimes forget to feed her, so the care duties mainly fell on our dad.

With our parents' busy schedules, my dad decided to buy an automatic pet feeder to help with the responsibility. Well...that feeder jammed. Then we tried another brand. It too jammed. Then another, and another.


Because of this, my dad tapped into his mechanical engineering background and started tinkering in the garage. All throughout middle school and high school, his new mission/hobby was testing designs for new augers, spindles, and prototypes. Eventually he developed an automatic pet feeder that worked flawlessly.

In 2005, as I was moving into my freshman college dorm room, my dad got a call that his patent had been approved. The rest is history!

We truly appreciate your support all these years, and are doing our best to make the Pet Feedster a better service for you and your pet each day.



Daughter of Pet Feedster Inventor Sunny Park


P.S. His other hobby is sports fishing