Pet Feedster PLUS - Automatic Dog Feeder

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Model: PF-10 PLUS DOG

Designed for pets by pet lovers like you. Recommended by veterinarians and pet parents worldwide, the Pet Feedster is an automatic pet feeder that serves portioned meals to your pet at the schedule you set. It maintains your pet’s health and happiness with consistent mealtimes, alleviates 5am breakfast begging, and hides food away from sight, taking overeating off the table.

Whether you’re at the office or out of town, the Pet Feedster lightens the squeeze from unpredictable schedules, and is perfect for elderly pet owners, physically challenged pet lovers, and pets with specific dietary schedules and needs.

Pet Feedster PLUS Features

  • Meal Confirmation - the timer display shows you when a meal has been served
  • Serves 8 meals per day
  • Pause Mode - put your Pet Feedster’s programming on hold without reprogramming
  • Improved, stronger Flex Feeder
  • More intuitive programming (typically less than 15 minutes)
  •  Easy assembly
  • Handles a full range of food sizes, shapes, and types – from 1/8” to 3/4”
  • Perfect portion control – can dispense up to 6 cups and as little as 1 tablespoon of kibble in a single meal
  • Ant proof
  • Digital timer for precise meal times
  • Battery backup available (and digital timer retains the program settings in the event of power failure, preventing the need to reprogram)
  • Easy cleaning – detachable bowl is dishwasher safe
  • Reliable
  • Durable
  • Comes with a 1 year manufacturer’s limited warranty

Though an automated pet feeder cannot replace the personal time and affection that only you can provide, the Pet Feedster is happy to assist you and give you peace of mind when you’re away. The Pet Feedster has no rivals and the automatic pet feeder has been perfected to serve your pet’s feeding schedule without flaws for many, many years.

To our international customers: Please note that the Pet Feedster uses a North American power adapter, and other voltages are not available for international orders at this time. Overseas customers use the Pet Feedster using the battery option - 6 x D size batteries - and have been quite satisfied!