Improved Flex Feeder

We're on an other exciting improvement for the Pet Feedster.

In this past round of manufacturing, we have sourced aluminum materials for our Flex Feeder. This means that there will be no stripping or cracking with the Flex Feeder ever again!

This is the note we're including in shipments with our upgraded Flex Feeder:


In your hands is the latest model of our Flex Feeder. Please use the “L” shaped key like an allen wrench to tighten your new part.

Thank you for your support as we keep improving our product! Please feel free to send us your thoughts on this new Flex Feeder to Caroline at

We also always appreciate any digital love notes in the form of reviews! (On Amazon, on social media, anywhere! We are @petfeedster). As a small, family-run business, they mean a whole lot to us.

Daughter of Pet Feedster Inventor / One Who Takes Care of Many Things

Thank you always for your patience and support of our family's endeavors.




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