“I’ve been through 3 different timer-based feeders and none came close to reliability as yours.  No jams!  Love the food chamber theory.  I’ve told a few of our dog owner friends how great the Pet Feedster is.”

Craig I.
Columbus, OH

Automatic pet feeder reviews

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Automatic pet feeder reviews

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Automatic pet feeder reviews

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Automatic pet feeder reviews

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Automatic pet feeder reviews

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“I just love my Pet Feedster. So do my kitty-cats, Henry + Alvin.”

Sue G.
Lewinson, ID

Automatic pet feeder reviews

“My dog had 2 Le Bistros and they jammed super bad.  Then we got the Ergo Auto Pet Feeder and that was ok but it burned out right after the warranty had ended.  Now I have had the Pet Feedster, and it works like a charm.”

Jolie C.
Las Vegas, NV

Automatic pet feeder reviews

“We have been using the Pet Feedster for almost a year an a half and it works flawlessly.  Setup was easy.  I periodically measure the food output and it is always accurate and consistent. We have a puppy that destroys EVERYTHING, but she is not able to do any damage to this feeder.  It seems to be well made with quality components.

My wife was skeptical but now she loves it.”

Rod C.
Irvine, CA

Automatic pet feeder reviews

“I tried three other units, in fact I had two Le Bistros and they were terrible, they jammed CONSTANTLY!  So I decided to try another brand and got an Ergo and even that jammed periodically.  I’m really excited about my new Pet Feedster and not having my dog waking me up in the early morning.

1).  It does what it claims

2).  I don’t need to be woke up every morning 2 hours earlier than I need to by the dog

3).  …I love this thing!”

Bob K.
Milwaukee, WI

Automatic pet feeder reviews

“My auto pet feeder by ergo systems just wore out and I didn’t have it that long.  So I shopped around and found the petfeedster it seems to have the best food delivery system, I’m very excited about this unit and would suggest it to anyone looking for a feeder.  Don’t pay a little less, its not worth it.  By the way once you have an automatic pet feeder you won’t want to be without one they make life so much easier, for ME and My PET!”

Nick S.

Automatic pet feeder reviews

“I am very happy with the Pet Feedster.  The feeder is solid in construction, has a nice feed mechanism that does not clog and provides a consistent food drop, and is fully digital.  Setup is a breeze.  I do not have to mess with separate timers, analog controls that require special tools to adjust and require constant tweaking, or food chute apertures that have to be finely tuned for the food size.  The feeding schedule and amounts are exceedingly flexible.  The feed dish is easy to detach and clean.  I could not be happier.”

Tim C.

Automatic pet feeder reviews

“I love the Pet Feedster.  I work long hours and live alone.  I know that my 3 cats are ok and I leave for three days at a time.  I love that my baby’s are taken care of.  The unit’s great!”

Nancy H.

Automatic pet feeder reviews

“I love my Pet Feedster; it works flawlessly.  What a blessing to know that my dog’s well being isn’t dependent on our work schedules.  I highly recommend it to our friends with pets and future customers that are considering an automatic feeder.”

Steven L.
Norco, CA

Automatic pet feeder reviews

“On weekends when my wife and I would try to sleep in, our cat Foocha would misbehave and claw our furniture to wake us up.  With the Pet Feedster she’s fed on time and she doesn’t act out anymore.”

Leroy & Evelyn C. 
Ontario, CA

Automatic pet feeder reviews

“What I like most about the Pet Feedster is the convenience. It has a large bin for the food (that’s locked so he can’t get into it himself). It’s so convenient to not have to remember what time he needs to get fed. Pet Feedster has made my life easier because I don’t have to worry about my dog. He has tummy issues and being able to feed him small meals regularly has greatly improved his life and consequently mine. I also don’t worry if I’ll be late getting home, since he’ll eat on time no matter what. I also LOVE that he doesn’t wake me up in the mornings anymore.”

Snow M.

Automatic pet feeder reviews

“I’m a 34 year old single dad to an 8 yr old son  “the Pet Feedster” has really has saved time I load it up and let it do its thing. Working full time and being a full time dad to my son take up a lot of time. Every little bit helps and the pet feedster takes away a chore so there is one less thing to do.”

Phan L.
Chino, CA

Automatic pet feeder reviews

“We have a small house dog and with both of us working, it is nice to know she is getting feed and not double fed! Problem we were having, one of us could get up and feed her, and then leave for work. Then my husband would get up and her bowl would be empty, so he would feed her again. This would have several times and she would eat it up and look at you like…I was never feed. How smart they can be! With the Pet Feedster, we knew she was getting feed on a schedule and not double feed. She could be sound asleep and her that food drop, and run for dinner! Funny how smart they can be when it comes to their food. She knew if she ate all her food before he came downstairs, she could get more!”

Donna D.
Corona, CA

Automatic pet feeder reviews

“I just got my Pet Feedster I’m so happy it works great. This machine is Awesome, thank you Pet Feedster USA.”

Tina N.
San Jose, CA